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Welcome to Wall Handmade Knives


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Greg Wall
 Always fascinated with knives, I made my first one when I was about 12. I made them as a hobby growing up over the years selling a few to family and friends. I started making knives on a professional basis part time in 2009   About five years ago, I was able to go full-time as a knife maker. I’m constantly working on improving my skills as a knife maker I feel it’s a God-given talent and I am very blessed to be able to do what I love for a living.
In April 2018, I was invited to the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame Museum to inspect a Bowie knife given to a Texas Ranger by Rezin Bowie, Jim’s brother. I inspected the knife and then made a replica and donated it to the museum for educational use.
They have since asked me to make a Limited-Edition Presentation grade model of the knife in celebration of the Rangers 200th anniversary, which is especially exciting for me, as I have recently discovered my kinship to Jim Bowie.Wall / Bowie TreeCommon ancestor is John L BowieHis son Abraham Bowie is Greg Wall’s ancestor
 His son John Bowie is Jim Bowie’s ancestor
Five Generations of Wall Women
Greg Wall lineage:

John L Bowie 1665 - 1719
Son of John L Bowie:

 Abraham Bowie 

1699 -


Son of Abraham Bowie:
Rhodie Bowie 1752 - 1814 Son of Rhodie Bowie:
Eli Bowie 1774 - 1844
Son of Eli Bowie:
John Eli Bowie 1795 - 1836
Son of John Eli Bowie:

 Charles W Bowie 1815 - 1875

Daughter of Charles W Bowie:

 Sarah Ann Matilde Bowie 


 - 1944

 Married James W Taylor

Daughter of Sarah Bowie Taylor:

 Elizabeth J Taylor 1876 - 1964

 Married Dennis N. Wall

Son of Elizabeth Taylor Wall:

 William C Wall 1914 - 1973

Son of William Wall:

 Chester R Wall 1937 - 


Son of Chester R Wall:
Greg L Wall Jim Bowie lineage:John L Bowie 1665 - 1719Son of John L Bowie:
John Bowie 1710 -1753
Son of John Bowie:
James R Bowie 1728 - 1789
Son of James R Bowie:
Reason “Rezin” Pleasant Bowie 1762 - 1821
Son of Reason P Bowie:
Colonel James (Jim) Bowie4/10/1796 - 3/6/1836 The Alamo

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